Why do we need a buyer’s agent?

1.    Market knowledge and Expertise

2.    Time pressure

3.    Negotiating

4.    Confidentiality

Does BuyEast have access to properties that are not advertised? 

Yes we see many properties that are quietly listed and that you would never see otherwise

Does BuyEast receive commission or kickbacks from any other partY

No we do not accept commission from any 3rd party

Does BuyEast have competing clients?

No we do not take on clients with the same brief and budget

Our agreement covers all properties.  Pointing out a property is only one part of our service.  Negotiating and securing the property is another main part of the process.

What if I have engaged BuyEast and find a property myself?

12 months

How long is the Agency Agreement for?

We will show you as many properties as you like until you find the right one!

Is there a limit on the number of properties I can see?

Of course – as you become educated on the market you may decide to increase/decrease your budget, move from a unit to a house, change location etc…  We can be as flexible as you like.

Can I change my brief throughout the process?

You are able to terminate the Agency Agreement giving us 7 days in writing however a termination fee will be incurred.

Am I able to terminate my Agency Agreement?

What is the minimum I can spend on a property to be able to use a buyer’s agent?


There is no minimum spend – we help every buyer from studios to prestige residences.