Taking the awkward out of auction day

Intimidating, emotionally draining, confusing, thankless and soul destroying. These are some of the nicer ways home buyers describe the auction process! If you’ve ever stood hopefully clutching a bidding card only to hear the fateful shout of the first dollar figure as it immediately puts you out of the reckoning – then you’ll know what they mean. Or have you jumped on the ‘runaway train’ in an auction and let emotion get the better of you and ended up paying way too much for way too little? Then you’re also more than likely not a big fan of the Saturday morning bidding wars. 

With us, it’s different. We have developed auction strategies that take control and put our clients in the hunt. We set the tone. And we create opportunities. We stick to the pre-arranged plan and emotion isn’t something we’re burdened by. And it’s all done without our clients having to do a thing – whether they choose to attend or not – we deal in the logic and negotiation so you can focus on getting excited about your dream home.