Dover Heights - living up to its name

Coastal living, fresh air, parks, beautiful vistas and in close proximity to Bondi Beach, this is a suburb that evokes strong opinions. It is a small cliff top suburb nestled between North Bondi, Rose Bay, Vaucluse and the Pacific Ocean. It is considered to be the most affluent suburb within Waverley Council.  

Originally named Dover Heights due to the fact that the cliffs resembled those of Dover in Kent, England. Along these cliffs are fabulous park lands, utilised by children of the area as well as many of the well loved dogs. One such park located on the cliffs is Rodney Reserve. With large soccer and football fields it is a favorite for sporting locals. During the week it is not uncommon to find at least 5 dog-walkers, each with 10 dogs each enjoying the fresh ocean air. The cliffs have secret climbing ropes nick named "dover ropes" used by fishermen who climb down to secure some of the best ocean fishing spots in the east.  The other famous park in the area is Dudley Page Reserve renowned for the postcard Sydney Harbour view, which is very popular with tourist coaches and on New Years Eve for the perfect fireworks viewing. The park has recently been upgraded to include a fabulous bike track.

Dover Heights is predominantly a residential suburb which has approx 1200 houses, and 500 units. In the last 12 months, there have only been 106 property sales in Dover Heights. The properties are tightly held in this suburb, people fall in love and stay for a lifetime. The current median price of a house is $2.68M (RP Data), and the average unit price is $834K. The average household in Dover Heights consists of a family, paying a mortgage of over $4000 per month.

Just footsteps away from the bustle of Bondi, one can get above it all. Some would say Dover Heights can be cold (literally and not so literally), large houses mean less talking to the neighbours and less of a community feel, but the scenery & building styles in Dover Heights are something special. The architectural design is diverse, from the multi-million dollar new mansions imitating boats & butterflies, to the old art deco gems of the 1920's and the P&O's beauties.

With very limited commercial areas residing in Dover Heights options for shopping and eating are limited. The best coffee and pastries can be found at Tre Pani - a fabulous corner cafe. (facebook link). What is lacks in shops, it makes up for in parks and views. Love it or hate it - if you can afford to live in Dover Heights its definitely worth a look.