Real Estate Agents of the East - Are they all fancy cars and expensive suits?

There are over 300 real estate agents in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Real estate agents, used car sales men and rug sellers often have a dubious reputation which is sometimes deserved and other times not. There are different types of agents and we like to identify them individually and not by the agency. These are some generalizations and in no way represent any individual agent.

1.       The Fancy Pants- In the east, agents are renowned for the fancy cars the drive, and the suave expensive suits they wear, why is this? Agents are taught that they are selling themselves and they need to be represented in the best possible light, but shouldn't they be selling your home, not just promoting their names? Often these fancy pants agents are seen as high flyers. Great at schmoozing people, getting a fast listing and churning the sale out as quickly as possible. Selling in boom times can be easy, but do they know how to put a deal together when its crunch time?

2.       The Old School agent – You can identify him as he will always answer a question with a question. His hair may be slick and boy can the agent talk the talk, he has usually made lots of money and unless he thinks you have bucket loads of it too, won’t give you the time of day. They have possibly been in the game for so long that they have lost their passion for property and are just in it for easy bucks.

3.       Honest Nick – He is so lovely he really cares about you, but forgets to call buyers back. This agent is just lovely to chat to and hears what you are saying, deep down he really cares about you and your life. Is there any real drive to sell the property? Honest Nick can sometime try to be so honest that he forgets he is there to sell the benefits of a house and work out the best possible deal.

4.       The Diamond – these are the hardest agents to find. They are known for fabulous customer service, honesty to sellers and buyers and a strong work ethic. They know when to push a sale and when to back off, they have the knack of walking the tightrope and of looking after both the seller and the buyer of the property.



The question is, how does one know who the best agent is for their property? Some agents are specialists in a specific suburb and specific property types. Great agents have great databases of a certain buyer. They can be young or old, look like a million dollars, or just wear jeans and a t-shirt….their outside appearance gives nothing away to their true ability.

At the end of the day, as a vendor you need to have a good relationship with your agent, and ultimately trust them. They should be working for you, to get you the best possible advice which as controversial as it may seem, may not be the highest price.

Property is the biggest asset that people own, the decision to choose a selling agent should not be taken lightly.

Some suggestions to find the right agent for you:

1.       Look on the internet or newspaper and see what agents sell properties similar to yours, as they should have a good list of buyers.

2.       Go to open for inspections in your area for similar properties to yours. Does the agent call you to follow up, do they even talk to you at the inspection?

3.       Their market knowledge should be expansive and extensive.

4.       Interview them as if they were applying for a job. Interview multiple agents to see who you get on with and which agent realises their unique benefits of your property.

5.       Get referrals.  Positive referrals from recent customer that have sold with them is a great starting point. Word of mouth and experience is a good guide.

6.       Speak to Eastern Suburbs experts. BuyEast has dealt with a lot of agents in the Eastern Suburbs. We know how they play the game and can help you choose the best option for you.

7.       The last point is a “don’t” – Don’t just choose the agent that quotes you the highest selling price unless he has lots of comparable properties and reasons to back up what he is saying.


Remember though- just because they may look like a million dollars, doesn't mean they are worth it, they might not own one piece of real estate themselves!

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