The Bondi Dream

Bearded hipsters, sun-burnt tourists, large crowds on a Friday night are all part of what makes Bondi Beach one of the most well-known beaches around the world. If you are from the Eastern Suburb’s, you will know that the 2026 Bondi postcode actually has many micros-suburbs that each have a different feeling and persona.

The Bondi Zones  - where do you fit into the Bondi lifestyle?

Ben Buckler - This is the point in Bondi Beach wedged between the Bondi Golf course and the beach. Usually the highest prices for the suburb are in this zone, due to their amazing ocean cliff and beach views.

Beach North Bondi - Made up of mainly Hastings Pde, Ramsgate Ave, Brighton Blvd this zones is in between Military Rd, Campbell Pde and Blair St. Highly priced due to the level walk to the beach.

North Bondi -  This is the greater North Bondi and reaches all the way to Old South Head Rd and Clyde St. Also known as the family zone of Bondi.

The Beach -  Surf, swim or just watch the early morning joggers and yoga gurus's on the sand.

Bondi Beach central - Want some amazing food? Cool bars, or just your organic fruit and veg shopping. This zone runs from the beach to Glenayr Ave and between Warners Ave and Hall St. This is the where you go to be seen and have fun with friends and family.

Bondi - Further away from the beach and moving towards "The Junction" this area is defined by Bondi Rd and the streets that snake off it. 

South Bondi - The defining location of this area is without a doubt Bondi icebergs. either the amazing world class restaurant or icecube swimmers who drop blocks of ice into the water in the middle of winter to make sure shrinkage happens to the extreme.

The highs and lows of 2026 sales in 2015

Top Dollar

A stone’s throw away from dipping your toes into the water; the highest selling listed price for any place in Bondi in the 2015 year is 178 Hastings Pde. With its own website it was sold for a record topping $8.55m by local agent Ric Serrao. It even has its own website and video

Budget Bondi

At the other end of the market you could have snatched up a studio apartment for only $365,000 on Bondi here is the historic listing. 

North Bondi is the locals Bondi. Set just far away enough from the rowdy action, yet in walking distance to the magnificent water’s edge as well as the fabulous lifestyle that comes with it. Once you have lived in North Bondi it is hard to move away.

North Bondi is only 1 square kilometre in size. Households in North Bondi are primarily young families with children, around half are owner occupiers and are likely to be paying over $4000 per month on their mortgage. In October 2015 the median house price in North Bondi is $2.2m, and the median unit price has jumped over the million dollar mark in October at $1.16m.

Homes in North Bondi are in high demand with only 74 houses sold in the suburb so far this year. On the average number of page visits for a property in NSW is 528, the average for a North Bondi property is 951!

Bondi will always attract the tourists, but North Bondi will always be home to affluent locals keen to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle it offers.   

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