Our Customised Services

Buying a property will be the biggest purchase in your life. Let the professionals help you.

The real estate market in Sydney is changing at a rapid rate. It takes more time and effort than ever before to source the right property for your requirements. We become your one point of contact. We take the stress and leg work away from you. It is competitive and you need to come to the real estate game prepared, or you may miss out.

We specialise and only operate in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs to make sure we know the properties and people to source the right property. We are boutique and give you one on one expert service.

We understand the emotional and financial investment that people make in purchasing a home or investment. We can see through the styling of the house and can be objective. Through personal experience we have vision of how to get the most out of a property. We can give you guidance on how to make the diamond shine, so that you can take advantage of the opportunity.

BuyEast saves you time, money and stress.

The time it takes to buy an investment or home, can be a full-time job! We understand people have lives, babies sleeping schedules and kids’ activities, as well as work. Let us do the hard yards, so that you can get on with what you do best.  

  • Source the right property, on and off market opportunities

We have experience in shortlisting properties, understand what real estate agents are trying to say in  their lingo and even sourcing properties before they go on the market.

  • Negotiate with real estate agents on your behalf

Strategies for offers before auction. Don't miss out on the property you want. We can help you achieve the best outcome.

  • Bid at auction for you, with your goal in mind

Never been to an auction? Do you get too nervous at auction? Not sure of the best technique to use?  Or do you just want someone else to look after it for you? We have been there and done it. 

  • Renovate the property you have or the property you want to buy

If you don't have "the vision", don't have the time or just need guidance on the whole process we can assist you from beginning to end, or anything in between.

  • Sell which agent to choose, when to list.

We are not agents but can advise you how to work with them. Not all situations are the same, not all times of the year are the same, and not all real estate agents are the same. We can work on a plan to find the right agent, list at the right time and make sure you get the best result for selling your property.


Contact us to discuss  info@buyeast.com.au