There are several reasons why you should choose BuyEast over other Buyers Agents. 

The Benefits are:

  • A premium personalised experience - we provide a customised service for each of our clients. 

  • Our small team can deliver a fast and efficient service. You will always speak to Mark or Nicky. We limit the number of clients at one time so we can offer you the best service possible.

  • We have some amazing relationships with Real Estate Agents

  • The Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Australia is our backyard. We know the streets, the people, the property and the prices. We are experts in the area.

  • We do not take on clients looking for the same requirements with the same budget like large firms do.

  • We have personal experience with property development as well as renovating and building. We own property in the Eastern Suburbs and understand the nature of this specific market.

  • Our aim is to create satisfied, happy, stress-free buyers